WOV Exceptional

The WOV Eceptional  utilizes the latest and most advanced photo booth technologies to help ensure that your guests have a great experience at your event. 

WOV Mirror

More than just a glamorous mirror, WOV Mirror is an opportunity for users to have fun as they have never had it before.

WOV Digital

Developed to cater for small events

The WOV Digital was manufactured with smaller venues in mind, yet the quality of the technology used is not diminished in any way. In fact, it is comparable with that of the WOV Mirror. 

WOV Mosaic Wall

The Photo Mosaic is a true wonder when it comes to taking pictures at events. Gather everyone together for a picture using this device, which allows you to make out individual pictures when you are close to it, and shows you a mosaic if you are some distance away from it

WOV 360

Turn it up, change the game, and flip the script. The WOV 360X does it all. Capturing individuals and groups from every angle, this is immersive entertainment at its best.

Our Animations

At WOV Media we care about quality and we would love to bring you 100's of Custom made Animations to make your Event simply Perfect.

Our Templates

At WOV Media we care about quality and we would love to bring you 100's of Custom made Print Templates to make your Event simply Perfect.


 Join the dots.

We connect brands and businesses with consumers.

We weave it all together, telling your brand story through immersive events and impactful brand activations.

Our photo experiences are the perfect choice for brands looking to cut through the noise. Today’s consumers have never had more choice.

Every day they are bombarded with marketing messages.

Standing out has never been more important.

But with WOV Media, you won’t just stand out.

You’ll create an impact that helps you connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

We turn consumers into brand advocates, influencing their purchasing decisions and driving real results.

WOV Media will work with you to develop customized product launches, PR campaigns, in-store activations as well as stand-alone experiential events. 


For us, every experience must have a purpose and to drive real results.

We understand that marketing budgets are tightening, so return on investment must make sense.

WOV Media will work with you to understand your core objectives and translate this into an amazing photo or video experience.

All our photo and video marketing technology can also be utilised to collate customer insights and privacy compliant data that can be put to use driving personalized marketing activities.


Get In Touch

We’ll help you launch a new product, maximise event sponsorship, drive in-store footfall or enhance your social media presence and boost your followers.

Get in touch and let WOV Media take your event to the next level, take advantage of several benifits, which are;

  • Viable user generated content
  • More robust online presence driven by social sharing
  • Boost in your user engagement
  • Boost in your brand awareness
  • Opportunity for remarketing with compliant data capture