WOV Exceptional

The WOV Eceptional  utilizes the latest and most advanced photo booth technologies to help ensure that your guests have a great experience at your event. 

WOV Mirror

More than just a glamorous mirror, WOV Mirror is an opportunity for users to have fun as they have never had it before.

WOV Digital

Developed to cater for small events

The WOV Digital was manufactured with smaller venues in mind, yet the quality of the technology used is not diminished in any way. In fact, it is comparable with that of the WOV Mirror. 

WOV Mosaic Wall

The Photo Mosaic is a true wonder when it comes to taking pictures at events. Gather everyone together for a picture using this device, which allows you to make out individual pictures when you are close to it, and shows you a mosaic if you are some distance away from it

WOV 360

Turn it up, change the game, and flip the script. The WOV 360X does it all. Capturing individuals and groups from every angle, this is immersive entertainment at its best.

Our Animations

At WOV Media we care about quality and we would love to bring you 100's of Custom made Animations to make your Event simply Perfect.

Our Templates

At WOV Media we care about quality and we would love to bring you 100's of Custom made Print Templates to make your Event simply Perfect.

WOV Digital

Flexibility, fun and technology combine in the picture-perfect WOV Digital.

This quirky digital photo experience changes the dynamic in the room, bringing the fun to users and putting them in the spotlight.

Give guests the chance to capture selfies, GIFs or Boomerangs and let them create content that they can’t help but share.

How it works

Designed to stand out, the WOV Digital features a fully brandable body that offers endless branding options. Capturing every eye in the room, users will be drawn to the LED light that surrounds the user interface.

Choose what suits your audience the most – the WOV Digital lets you capture shots in portrait or landscape mode with its tilting head that means you’ll never miss a moment, and everyone will look their very best.

Roaming mode means you don’t have to wait for guests to come to you. Take the action straight to users by detaching the screen and give your guests their moment in the spotlight paparazzi style.

WOV Media can create custom animations, bespoke branding and fully personalize the experience for your users.


Small in size, but big on impact, the WOV Digital is sure to cause a stir.

Brand awareness is maximised with the brandable body and guests are fully immersed in the bespoke user experiences that WOV Media will create for you.

With instant sharing to social media and immediate printing you can make sure the memories last even longer and your brand travels further. Get in touch and let WOV Media take your event to the next level.


But why wait for users to come to you?  WOV Media Digital Photo Booth kicks into roaming mode, as you detach the screen housing from the stand and give your guests a paparazzi style experience using a designated hand strap.